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Dental insurance maine rotations imp-actions extrusions intrusions pre implant their therapy generally missing teeth midline discrepancies open bites deep by its class to is class threes any orthodontic condition any Orthodox malocclusion Dental insurance maine.

Dental insurance maine
Dental insurance maine

Anything that you’re doing that would help a patient to achieve a healthy and stable and beautiful and functional smile and bite can be sped up so to speak so you can have an accelerated technique with any type of orthodontic process.

so we’ll focus on a liner since the past five and a half years my focus has been using  Dental insurance maine clear aligner therapy for treating I’ll share with you a few of the cases now and we’ll start out with some of the mild cases and will advance to maybe.

A little moderate for this evenings presentation so this case is courtesy of dr. Thomas Shipley who has been publishing some of these nicely so if you if you’re aware of his work it’s probably because you’ve read it already in a journal and dr. Thomas Shirley does some very nice accelerated orthodontic technique this happens to be clear

aligner therapy with micros D or perforation but this case here if you have some experience with clear aligners you would recognize that a fair treatment time with clear aligners would take about aligners and aligners is months because we wear two per month so every weeks we’re changing the aligner so aligners would be about months but

Florida dental insurance | Dental insurance maine

Florida dental insurance | Dental insurance maine

Florida dental insurance sharp to begin with  so it doesn’t take much easy to sharpen Florida dental insurance see again you’ve got this is your blade side so same .

Thing you’re going to put it all the way to the back and then you’re going to  rest after right there on that edge okay and the same thing.

You always can see  because whichever side it tapers down to as a site that you know that is your blade so again you put all the .


Florida dental insurance
Florida dental insurance

Way to  the back and then you lean it forward if you come too far forward of course it lifts off the stone if you have it too .

Much like this you can see too much of the face of the instrument so it kind of helps you it’s a guide it just kind of locks.

It into that one spot it’s kind of  hard to get it in a different position if you if you lean it right in there and the directions that.

Come with this though they have you moving it back and forth I don’t like that because I tend  it jumps too much and then .

I feel like I’m changing the blade same at the perio star they have you moving the back part don’t do that because then .

Again you’re changing the angle of your blade now  when it comes to your hand stone again some of them need oil some of them.

need water depending upon if you’ve got a ceramics donor in Arkansas stone so what you’re going to do is you need to eliminate one.

of the hands on the clock  remember they always told us o’clock and one o’clock but my eleven and my one could be different on a daily basis or between other hygienists so if you at least.

have the stone on the counter you’re eliminating one part and get a little more pressure and the same thing  and I have to get down.

I get I have my loops on and I’m holding this blade where I can see it’s not up to highest not down to low I can see the .

entire face and I know the blade is on that stone all I do is pull and my my wrist is also resting on the counter so nothing is free floating it’s an I’m in  total control and I only I don’t pull it very far.