Monday, January 31, 2011

New Titleist Pro V1

I wanted to pass along this note put together by the golf staff at the GlobalGolfPost on the brand new Titleist Pro V1 that has generated buzz from some of the pros who have gotten a sneak preview of the new ball and generated even more buzz when it was unveiled at the PGA Merchandise show last week.  If you want to hear Bubba Watson's take on the new ball (he used it to win this weekend) here is a link to a video where he gives it to you straight!

I have always wondered if for certain products there is just an absolute limit as to how much farther a company can innovate.  Let's take razors for instance.  I think we are up to somewhere in the vicinity of the Mach75.  I mean, at what point can you simply not get a closer shave without hacking off chunks of your skin?  I worry about things like this.  But apparently the people at Team Titleist are sure that golf balls do not fit into this category, as they keep coming up with new and different innovations to make their products better.  I, for one, am excited to get my hands on a dozen of the new Pro V1s when they are rolled out to retail stores later this month.

I remember when I was in high school, back in the late 90s, when we played our high school golf matches we got a new sleeve of Titleist Tour 90 balata balls.  That was like Christmas morning a couple of times a week!  The idea that we have come leaps and bounds in golf ball innovation since then is pretty cool.  The reviews for the ball are very good.  The basic gist is that for the Pro V1, Titleist was able to increase spin by changing they way they built the core of the ball and tinkering with the molding process, but were actually able to add more distance by changing the design of the dimples.  Titleist also gained distance on the Pro V1x by changing the cover to allow for a higher ball flight trajectory.

I figure you can look at these innovations in golf equipment in one of two ways:  1) The new balls (and all of the newly designed golf clubs) are ways to really take advantage of advances in modern technology to improve your game, or 2) Become even more frustrated because even with all of the newfangled technology, we still can't keep it out of the rough!  This is especially depressing when you realize that Ben Hogan flawlessly played the game essentially with a block of wood on the bottom of a pole and a ball as technologically advanced as one of those super bouncy balls you can buy for a quarter in the supermarket.  Yet we play on...


  1. Babs pointed me towards the blog - nicely put together so far.

    My home course got the new pro-vs in yesterday - Im hoping to get my hands on some next week to check out.

  2. Great! Glad you like it! Let me know how it goes with the new balls...I am definitely jealous that you get to play year round. We are freezing here!